providing basic and affordable
quality health care services to the poor

Who We Are

Partnering with you to deliver quality health care

Ngora Freda Carr Hospital was started in 1922
as a result of work of the Church Missionary
Society-England Missionaries. The Hospital
is making a century marked with glory days of
excellent health care and devastation through
many stages of dilapidation both in service
delivery, equipment and infrastructure.
The mission of this a rural private ‘Not for Profit’
Hospital is: “To provide basic and affordable
quality health care services to the poor
population and proclamation of the Word of God.”

The hospital is run as part of the Church of Uganda, Kumi Diocese and was founded in 1922 as a small medical mission with a donation from a Mr Ernest Carr in memory of his daughter Freda who had died in East Africa. It is a 180-bed hospital with outpatient (OPD) and inpatient services, as well as general maternity services. The glory of Ngora Hospital was during the 1980s when the Surgeons’ Association, and Flying Doctors’ service, used to operate from the hospital which had its own airstrip.

Over recent years Ngora Hospital has been working to regain its former glory and fulfil its potential but much remains to be done. With the co-operation and together with the District Local Government (DLG), Ministry of Health (MOH), local population, staff and other developmental partners e.g.

  • Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB),
  • The ROTARY CLUB of Kampala Central,
  • The ROTARY CLUB of Reading UK,
  • The Aids Support Organization (TASO),
  • Friends of Ngora and
  • other NGOs and Board of Governors (BOG),

The hospital is now on a path towards the positive direction with the limited resources available.

There has been a marked investment in Human Resources as well as equipment in the PAST FIVE YEARS.